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Contracted Outreach Provider
The Massachusetts Equipment Distribution Program (MassEDP) is a state managed social program providing specialized telephone and communications equipment to individuals with disabilities enabling them to access the telephone network in their home and abroad.
For three years Workhorse was the sole outreach provider for the program before it was consolidated under the state umbrella. MassEDP provides access to specialized communications equipment to users of services provided under the parent program MassRelay whose mission is to promote Telecommunication Relay Services to the hard-of-hearing, deaf, and speech challenged communities. 
Deliverables: Program Identity, Strategic Planning and Development, Coaching Documents​, Positioning Statement​, Campaign Development and Execution​, Content & Collateral Creation​, Alliance Program, CMS Website​, Informational Videos, Tradeshow Materials​, Media Placement​, Print Broker.



Program Identity


Content Managed Website



Outreach Materials


Tradeshow Resources




Content Creation

An important component of our strategy was developing a variety of content that appealed to our audience segments and covered a variety of topics including lifestyle, family, health, and technology.  Materials and resources were published to social media channels and publications popular with our audience segments.
Our primary method for disseminating information and resources was through a vast network of strategic alliances serving the same audiences as our program; had existing and concentrated memberships; and whose members would benefit from our programs resources and message. This approach was very successful in driving traffic; indirectly educating readers; and well received by our alliances who were hungry for informative content to publish.
Baby Boomers, Rock'n'Roll, and Hearing Loss. Read Article
Below is a report from a publication on readership and redirects on two of our articles run in their online publication.
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Iroquois Sugarworks

Branding and Package Design

Extensive research helped formulate a creative solution that was powerful, unique, and positioned Iroquois apart from it's competition.
Deliverables: Identity, Package Design, Strategic Planning, and Development​
Workhorse Creative Inc

Creative. Strategy. Results.

Providing comprehensive creative and strategic solutions for over sixteen years. We'd love to partner with you and deliver results.
Performance Chiropractic

Branding & Collateral Materials

A local niche sports medicine provider desired a fresh look for their practice reflecting an active and mainstream lifestyle. 
Deliverables: Branding package that included logo, stationary, service booklet, post card, and pocket folder.
Port of Sydney

Branding Pitch

While working on NOVAPORTE Workhorse pitched this fresh new look for the public image of the harbor.

Contracted Outreach Provider

Workhorse Creative was contracted for five years to be the sole source provider of outreach services to the MassRelay program. 
Deliverables: Program Identity, Strategic Planning and Development, Coaching Documents​, Positioning Statement​, Campaign Development and Execution​, Content & Collateral Creation​, Alliance Program, CMS Website, Informational Videos, Tradeshow Materials​, Media Placement​, Print Broker.

Contracted Outreach Provider

Workhorses' premiere account for 7 years with a focus on the Telecommunications Relay Services, a $40+ million dollar annual business for AT&T.
"Keith’s leadership, creative energy & attention to detail produced stellar results for us as we grew our Relay Business from 3 state contracts to 9 from 2010 to 2012."
– Gregory Smith,
Director of Marketing Development
AT&T Customer Information Services
Deliverables: Content Managed Website, Secure Managed Hosting, Strategic Planning, Copywriting, Video Production, Campaign Development and Execution, Design of Outreach Collateral & Mailings, Print Broker.
Market Stand

Branding & Package Design

View the logo and packaging that launched this local Vermont food start-up. 
Deliverables: Logo, point-of-sale cooler display, digital photography, sales collateral, and a website.
Peak Expeditions

Branding & Collateral Materials

View this world adventure travel businesses logo and collateral materials.
Deliverables: Logo, Stationary, Post card, Poster, Collateral
Pension Works

Branding & Collateral Materials

A Vermont business desired an old-timey style and turn of the century character. 
Deliverables: Logo, stationary, and report covers.
Relay Colorado

Contracted Outreach Provider

Workhorse Creative was contracted to be the sole source provider of outreach services to Relay Colorado as an independent contractor for 3 years and under AT&T for an additional 4 years.  View Relay Colorado's Case Study and Project Samples.
Deliverables: Program Identity, Strategic Planning and Development​, Campaign Development and Execution​, Content & Collateral Creation​, CMS Website​, Print Broker, and Digital Photography.

Give your project a unique twist.

Browse the gallery of digital and traditional illustrations applied in creative treatments, logos and collateral materials.
Capabilities: Raster, Vector, Traditional, Pencil, Pen and Ink, Mixed media, Water color. 
Long Trail Brewing

Illustration & Package Design

In the 1990's Keith was employed at Lisaius Marketing and worked with owner Joe Lisaius to create and launch the iconic Long Trail bear theme and packaging. Keith's whimsical sketchy style helped define Long Trail's brand for over 20 years.

Positioning your products for success.

With over 20 years of providing solutions to the entertainment, beverage, and food industries our experience and capabilities offer a comprehensive start-to-finish role designed for customer appeal.
Capabilities: Design, Strategy, Campaigns, Photography, Print broker.

Contracted Outreach Provider

South Carolina Equipment Distribution Program (SCEDP) contracted with Workhorse Creative over a five year term to be their designated outreach provider. 
Deliverables: Program Identity, Strategic Planning and Development, Coaching Documents​, Positioning Statement​, Campaign Development and Execution​, Content & Collateral Creation​, Alliance Program, CMS Website​, PSA Video, Tradeshow Materials​, Media Placement​, Print Broker.
Soft Start

Branding & Collateral Materials

A software company based in Middlebury Vermont was looking to define themselves in the industry and stand apart from their competitors. 
Deliverables: Branding, collateral materials, CMS website.
Vermont Public Radio

Branding & Collateral Materials

View logo and collateral materials for Vermont Public Radio’s children’s story time program aired nationally.
Deliverables: Logo, Collateral, Posters, Bookmarks, CD Packaging.
LED Dynamics

Branding & Collateral Materials

See the logo that launched this Vermont technology start-up over 15 years ago.

Deliverables: Parent Logo, Product line branding, Stationary, Digital photography, Collateral.
Video and Interactive

Lights, Camera, Inter-Action

We partner with local and national talent, align required resources, and in partnership with you, drive the creative process of your vision to deliver content that connects with viewers.
Capabilities: Slideshows, Training aids, Presentations, Large and small productions, Location or studio venues, Drone, Streaming, Scripting, Talent acquisition, Editing, Effects, Encoding, Mastering, Duplication, Package design, and printing.
University of Vermont

Video Production, Packaging, & Consultation

Workhorse produced several videos for UVM Extension including a NACAA National Award Winner. 
Deliverables: Video production, Package design, Duplication, Print broker, Project consultation.

Integrated marketing.

Workhorse can provide strategy, that drives creative, and promotes it across all your channels under a comprehensive marketing plan. Data capture and reporting allow for results to be measured, evaluated, and proactively acted on.
Capabilities: SWOT analysis, Business consultation and planning, Campaign and marketing plans, Creative services, Content creation and subscriptions.