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Print Broker

Quality full color printing
Our vendor utilizes the most modern and innovative equipment and products in the printing industry. The state-of-the-art Heidelberg Offset presses produce the highest quality, finished products that are also environmentally conscious.
Workhorse can take your design to print or files you supply. Our prices are extremely competitive and often save you a generous amount over local printers.
A listing of print products will be posted soon. Please call Keith at 802-488-0351 for any questions or a quote on your next print job.
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Workhorse Creative Inc

Creative. Strategy. Results.

Providing comprehensive creative and strategic solutions for over sixteen years. We'd love to partner with you and deliver results.

Give your project a unique twist.

Browse the gallery of digital and traditional illustrations applied in creative treatments, logos and collateral materials.
Capabilities: Raster, Vector, Traditional, Pencil, Pen and Ink, Mixed media, Water color. 

Positioning your products for success.

With over 20 years of providing solutions to the entertainment, beverage, and food industries our experience and capabilities offer a comprehensive start-to-finish role designed for customer appeal.
Capabilities: Design, Strategy, Campaigns, Photography, Print broker.
Video and Interactive

Lights, Camera, Inter-Action

We partner with local and national talent, align required resources, and in partnership with you, drive the creative process of your vision to deliver content that connects with viewers.
Capabilities: Slideshows, Training aids, Presentations, Large and small productions, Location or studio venues, Drone, Streaming, Scripting, Talent acquisition, Editing, Effects, Encoding, Mastering, Duplication, Package design, and printing.

Integrated marketing.

Workhorse can provide strategy, that drives creative, and promotes it across all your channels under a comprehensive marketing plan. Data capture and reporting allow for results to be measured, evaluated, and proactively acted on.
Capabilities: SWOT analysis, Business consultation and planning, Campaign and marketing plans, Creative services, Content creation and subscriptions.
Branding & Logos

Unique. Powerful. Effective.

Workhorse will create a powerful identity for your requirements; support it with branded themes across resources and channels; and provide you a competitive advantage by getting you noticed in the market place.
Capabilities: Comprehensive design and creative; Corporate and business identities; Service, merchandise, and channel branding; SWOT analysis. 
Creative Network

Workhorse is seeking creative and technical talent.

Workhorse is always looking for skilled professionals to partner with and match to specific client requirements best served through a 3rd party.  We are also seeking 3rd parties interested in promoting our services or acting as a reseller. Contact Keith with our Vendor Form to start a conversation, we look forward to talking with you.
  • Writer
  • Strategists
  • Designer (graphic, UX, UI)
  • Social Media Guru
  • Illustrator
  • Video services
  • 3D and Animation